Pursuant to the establishing Presidential Decree of EPANODOS, its aim is the vocational training of prisoners and released prisoners, rehabilitation, financial assistance, and preparation and promotion of their overall social reintegration (art. 81 § 2 CN).

Its actions include encouragement, support and utilisation of initiatives of non-profit bodies or voluntary organisations about avoiding social exclusion (art. 2 case c of P.D. 300/2003 [GG Α 256]).

The work of EPANODOS also includes the preparation and support of adult and juvenile released prisoners for their social reintegration and promotion in the employment market. To this direction, the body provides psychological, legal and employment counselling and support to persons released from prison. 

Generally, EPANODOS aims at the following actions: Target

  • the preparation, promotion, coordination and implementation of programmes concerning education, vocational training, employment search and financial support of prisoners, released prisoners and young offenders,
  •  the study and submission of proposals on the reformation of the institutional framework governing the prevention of prisoners' delinquency before and after their release, and the preparation for their reintegration in their social, vocational and family environment,
  •  the research, study and proposals' submission on controlling crime.
  •  the advice of prisoners and released prisoners, in cooperation with the respective organisation, on issues concerning their legal and social status, their psychological support and the development of social support for themselves and their families,
  •  the care for juvenile prisoners and the organisation of specialised vocational training and  employment programmes,
  •  the advice of enterprises and released prisoners as regards the existing employment offer and demand. To this end, EPANODOS cooperates with the National Employment Agency or other organisations,
  •  encouraging the creation of enterprises or  or business units under the State supervision, where released prisoners will receive priority employment, or the establishment of businesses by released prisoners,
  • the creation of a social awareness environment about the issues faced by prisoners, released prisoners and juvenile offenders.
  •  the encouragement, reinforcement and utilisation of any initiative of non-profit organisations or voluntary organisations to avoid social exclusion of the abovementioned groups or individuals.
  •  the basic need support of  foreign prisoners that are to be released or have already been released from prison,
  •  the encouragement, reinforcement and use of private initiatives and volunteering.